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Being A Successful MA

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

“The key objective of engaging MA is not just to oversee daily operation of the estate, but to achieve better living standards and satisfaction for the residents.

There are 4 critical aspects that contributes to success of managing an estate:

  1. Ownership – MA team requires to proactively seek solutions to issues and see to the execution and completion of tasks, especially for defects that can be felt by residents or threatens security. Eg. Water seepages, housekeeping, water pumps, lightings, etc

  2. Process control – Requires the ability to foresee challenges and hindrances and derive a more holistic approach to resolve administrative process, vendor’s duties and enforcement.

  3. Experience curve – Regardless of how experience the team may be, every estate is both homogeneous and heterogenous. Hence, each work process must cater to the unique needs of the estate. This is also why it is detrimental to the estate to keep changing MA.

  4. MA Leadership – The ability to rally security team, cleaning team and MA team to work towards a common goal and keep the spirit in work environment positive.”

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